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Canadian Dental Care Plan Pre-Registration

The Canadian Federal Government is beginning their 2024 rollout of their Canadian Dental Care Plan. Currently, the program is slated to begin registration at the start of 2024, with some dental treatment commencing May 2024.

Details on the plan can be found here:

1) Government of Canada's Dental Care Plan Info
2) ODA's Canadian Dental Care Plan FAQ

Our practice will be accepting a limited number of new patients who will be enrolling in the upcoming Canadian Dental Care Plan. Anyone is welcome to pre-register with our practice to reserve their spot with us. We cannot guarantee a spot will be available in our practice if not pre-registered.

Please note, that this pre-registration form is for the purposes of joining our practice only, and is not associated with the application process for the Canadian Dental Care Plan. An application will need to be made through the Federal Government by phone or online, when eligible.

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